The following is a brief publication history for yours truly.
From Green to Red (short story, forthcoming, Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine

More Than Enough (short story, Mystery Tribune, August 2020Issue #13)

A Drive-by on Chalmers Road? (short story, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Jan-Feb 2020 issue)

Burn (short story, Mystery Weekly, Sept. 2019 issue)

K O'Connor (short story, Mystery Weekly, March 2019 issue)

You Make Yourselves Another (novel, forthcoming)

Carver (and) [Company] (short story, forthcoming, Ellery Queen Mystery's Magazine)

Mark (short story, forthcoming,
Guilty, Issue #3)

The Lesson of the Lamp (short story, Nov. 2021, Under the Thumb: A Rock and Hard Place Anthology, edited by SA Cosby)

There Will Come a Harvest (short story, Oct. 2021, Shotgun Honey)

Why Do They Have to Make It Easy? (short story, Mystery Weekly, Jan. 2021 issue)

Clouds (short story, Punk Noir, May 2021)

The Sky Beyond the Branches (flash fiction,, March 2021)

A Guy Walks into a Bar (fantasy satire short story, Phantaxis Science Fiction and Fantasy, August 2017)

Like Minds (speculative fiction short story, Neo-Opsis, issue #7)

Carry on the Music, Man (short story, Tastes Like Chicken, issue #6)

The Customer is Always Right (horror short story, Blood Moon Rising, issue #22)

5 Poems (Punk Noir, July 2021)

(poem, Nine Cloud Journal, Issue #1)

The Executioner is Drunk and the Ropes are too Wet for Strangulation (poem, Shift Lit. Journal, Jan. 2019)

Evil Awakes (and Needs Five More Minutes) (humorous Cthulhu mythos poem, Grotesque, Fall 2018)

Lesson (Glass Tesseract, Fall 2005)

My Train of Thought's Become Derailed (Images, 2000)


 The Famous Last Words of Mickey Spillane  (article, Guilty, May 2021)

Die Laughing
(entry for, Ellery Queen's online blog, Jan. 2020)

O'Connor's Impact Reached Far Beyond Ohio (The Toledo Blade, January 2017)

Let Halloween Be About the Kids  (The Detroit News, October 2014)

Submissions to the joke pages of Playboy and Hustler (September 2013 and November 2013, respectively)

Ye Olde Blogger Site - my original Blogger postings for your (dis)approval

Interview with mc chris (The AV Club, September 2010)

Music reviews in numerous issues of Clamor Magazine
(2004 - 2006) 

The Show Will Go On
(The Detroiter, September, 2005)

Interview with the Disembodied Spirit of Jerry Garcia
 (The Detroiter, September 2005)

The Bird of Paradise
 (Perfect Sound Forever, autumn 2004)

Some of the Worst from Some of the Best: 25 Albums that Should Have Not Been Recorded (Corporate Mofo, November 2003)

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