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"More Than Enough," the latest Midport Mystery featuring Molly Fetterly is in issue #13 of Mystery Tribune. Find it on stands now, or pick up a copy online at Amazon.com, B&N.com, or BAM.com. You can also visit www.mysterytribune.com and place your order there! 

After a man is found shot dead in his vehicle, his mother-in-law confesses to the murder, but Detective Molly Fetterly believes there's more to the story. Is the confession fake? Is Molly chasing shadows? Read the story and find out!

Ellery Queen Jan Feb 2020 issue Capture.

And check out the Jan./Feb 2020 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine!


Mike's story "A Drive-by on Chalmers Road?" appears in the January/February issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, available online at Amazon.com, B&N.com,  BAM.com, or wherever books are sold. The story features Mike's recurring character Detective Molly Fetterly in one of her most ponderous adventures yet.

After Molly's uncle is a victim of an apparent drive-by shooting, the questions and the mysteries keep piling. But the biggest mystery of all is who in the hell would try to kill an 89-year-old veteran? Especially one with the charm of a pissed of grizzly bear. Read the story and find out!

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