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"The Sky Beyond the Branches"


     This'll be a brief entry, mostly because the story itself is brief as brief can be. "The Sky Beyond the Branches" is a quick, get in, get out, leave you gripping your bedsheets in the middle of the night kind of story. As far as a murder mystery goes, it's less mystery and more murder. Flash fiction's a tricky thing. Too much, and it's overkill. Too little, and you leave people wondering what the hell they just read. Just the right amount, however, is like a perfect kiss from a perfect person... Or a perfect right hook from Mike Tyson. Either way, enjoy it here

"Why Do They Have to Make It Easy?"


     As stated on the homepage, a new story from the Mind of McHone (catchy wording, ain't it?) has been unleashed upon the world. "Why Do They Have to Make It Easy?" sees it debut in the pages of the January 2021 issue of Mystery Weekly. 

     This story marks a bit of a departure for Mike in terms of tone. This isn't the dialogue-heavy, joke-filled banter that he's used to writing, folks. This sum' bitch is dark. So, if you like revenge, jilted lovers, jealousy, and more plot twists than a cemetery in a cyclone (and, screw you, that's a brilliant simile), this one's for you. And, by they way, "Why Do They Have to Make It Easy?" is the third time Mike's appeared in Mystery Weekly. So head on over to their website or stop by Amazon, pick up a print copy or a digital one, and show some love!    

Hugh Holton 2020!


     You heard it here first! (Or maybe you didn't.) Mike was named as the winner of the 2020 Hugh Holton award for his as-yet-to-be-published novel, You Make Yourself Another, the first in the Midport Mysteries Series. The announcement was made on December 9, 2020.  

     The award is bestowed by the Mystery Writers of America Midwest Chapter to recognize promising writers with an unpublished novel and is named in honor of the Chicago-based mystery writer and police officer Hugh Holton who passed away in 2001. His novels Presumed DeadWindy City, and Chicago Blues were lauded by critics for their grit and realism. 

     Mike's work was chosen by Andrew Shaffer (author of the New York Times best-selling parody series, The Obama-Biden Mysteries) as this year's winner. Previous winners include Mia P. Manansala, Julie Tollefson, and Jessica Laine.

     Of the award, Mike says, "It's an honor to receive it, and an even bigger honor to have been judged by Andrew Shaffer, one of the funniest writers out there. I'd like to thank Kristen Lepionka and all at MWA Midwest for giving me the chance to submit my book!"

     You Make Yourself Another features Mike's recurring protagonist Detective Molly Fetterly, the lead character in the short stories "A Drive-by on Chalmers Road?," (which appeared in the Jan./Feb 2020 issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine) "More Than Enough," (appearing in issue #13 of Mystery Tribune) and numerous other stories.