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New Story in Mystery Magazine

The latest issue of Mystery Magazine, Canada's number one source for mystery, crime, and thriller stories, is out now and it features a brand new Mike tale. With "The Snake," readers will find out just how far an untrustworthy husband will go to get rid of his wife.

This piece is Mike's fourth appearance in the beloved Canadian periodical. The first came back in March of 2019 with the Midport Mystery story featuring his recurring protagonist Detective Molly Fetterly entitled "K. O'Connor." His second appearance was in September of that year with a follow-up Midport story "Burn," often regarded as one of his best mystery yarns, while the third, published in January of 2021, was his dark and twisted tale of revenge "Why Do They Have to Make it so Easy?"   

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Noir Magazine Dark Yonder Debuts

Dark Yonder, a brand new neo-noir magazine from the minds of crime fiction writers Eryk Pruitt and Katy Munger, officially celebrates its publication birthday. The dark and gritty magazine features Mike's "Perforation of a Moment," which also kicks off the publication as the lead story.

Pruitt, in the editor's statement of the magazine, stated, "Katy Munger and I planned to showcase eight authors in four issues per year. However, for this issue we received over 250 submissions and so many of them were top quality that we expanded this first collection to 10... It's hard to use one or two words to categorize these stories." 

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Also, if you're in the Hillsborough, North Carolina area, stop by the Yonder Southern Cocktails and Brew bar, owned and operated by Pruitt, and ask for a copy! 

Red Dog's Gone Anthology Released

Screenshot 2022-11-15 103044.jpg

Red Dog Press, an independent publisher based out of the UK, has just released what will surely be one of the best reviewed crime anthologies this year. Gone, an Anthology of Crime Stories features 30 stories from some of the best crime, mystery, and thriller writers from around the world.

Mike's story "Abductor, Abductee" which sees the return of his main protagonist Detective Molly Fetterly, is a comedic send-up wherein a kidnapping may not be exactly what it seems.

Also appearing in the anthology  is Scott Von Doviak, Ted Flanagan, ME Proctor, Awais Khan, BF Jones, Richard Chizmar, Bev Vincent, Steve Kedie, Sebastian Vice, Charles Ardai, John Bowie, and many more. The anthology was edited by Stephen J. Golds. 

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Rock and a Hard Place Vol. 8 Released

Rock and a Hard Place Volume 8 has just dropped and it's already garnered stellar reviews, which is not at all surprising considering this is one of the best crime/mystery/noir magazines being published today. Every issue is a masterclass in story craft, narrative, dialogue, and character. 

Mike's story "Keeping Time" appears alongside works from some amazing writers including Stephen J. Golds (author of I'll Pray When I'm Dying and numerous excellent short stories), Hector Acosta (author of Hardway), Scott Von Doviak (author of Charlesgate Confidential and the forthcoming Lowdown Road), BW Carter, Robert Ottone, Eddie McNamara, Jennifer Stark, Jason Allison, Marc Watkins, John Bovio, Mark Jonathan Harris, Aislinn Kelly-Lyth, Linda B. Adam, Andy Boyle, and Mike Zimmerman. Anthea Pretorious The issue also includes art and photos from Jay Bechtol, Allison Renner, and many others.

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